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Hope Rosemary

Healer and Coach



Santa Monica, CA 90404


A Bit About Me

Give yourself the gift of self-care with hands-on healing or massage! This practice goes beyond just relaxation. It can improve your overall health by reducing muscle tension and pain, boosting circulation, and even lowering stress hormones.

But the benefits extend even deeper. As a skilled therapist I can help bring awareness to areas of your body you might be neglecting, helping you identify potential trouble spots before they become bigger issues. This newfound awareness empowers you to take control of your well-being and develop personalized self-care practices that promote long-term health and a radiant glow from the inside out. So invest in yourself, book a session, and experience the transformative power of hands-on healing.

Work Experience

1999 - 2009

Nov 2012 - Dec 2015

February 2015 - June 2018

Fern Street Circus: after school enrichment program that led to a career as a professional circus artist and coach through their non-profit artist training program. Performance skills include: stilts, acrobatics, aerial arts, clowning, dance, and crowd work. 

Black Bird Dance Company: Performance Company Member turned Program Director and company instructor. Participated in the development and production of workshops, classes, and performances with relation to circus arts in tandem with the dance company offerings. 

Completed a Certificate of Achievement in Business Administration with an emphasis on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Launched a consulting business specializing in Digital Footprinting and Social Media Marketing. 

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