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Welcome to the growing collection of people I admire and respect. 

Dave Asprey

Founder of Bulletproof Exec. and Bulletproof Radio

Author of: 

The Better Baby Book

The Bulletproof Diet


Tim Ferriss

Host of the Tim Ferriss Show and Author of New York Best Selling books: 

The Four Hour Body

The Four Hour Work Week 

The Four Hour Chef

Tools of Titans

Tribe of Mentors

Deepak Chopra

Founder of The Chopra Center

Author of numerous books and articles.

Too many to list, shop them on his websites below.

Kymberly Snyder

Nutritionist, Author, and Founder of Glow Bio

David Wolfe

Author and founder of the Longevity Warehouse along with the Longevity Now Confrence

Marie Forleo

Founder of MarieTV and B School

Gabby Bernstine

Author and Motivational Speaker

Aaron Alexander

Founder of Align Therapy

Host of Align Podcast

Speaker on Alignment and Functional Movement

Chris Hardwick

Comedian and creator of Nerdist Empire

Host of Talking Dead, @midnight, Singled Out, and much more!

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